Shiny Saleforce Picker - Playground

Playground Jun 20, 2019

With the introduction of new shiny Salesforce Picker this month, We made Playground application smarter just for you. This means users can now directly upload their solutions by accessing any org's metadata & select them on the fly to make a solution for themselves or for sharing it to the community.


  1. Choose metadata directly from Salesforce
  2. Any org is supported i.e Production, Sandbox & Developer.
  3. Simple picker to choose metadata types(i.e. Classes, Visualforce, Lightning, Flows, etc) & then cherry-picking specific components out of it.
  4. If any need for changes arises(due to mistake or solution upgrade), edit your metadata & choose the current one.


Authorize Salesforce

Choose Metadata Types

Choose Metadata Components

Now give it a go & start storing your solutions on Playground which are important to you or you use more often.

Have fun & happy coding!

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